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But, if their friends or family members rush in and "rescue" them from the crisis situation, it can delay their decision to get help.

Let a Crisis Happen For those who love an addict, it is difficult to sit back a let the crisis play out to its fullest extent.

You may tend to think, "If they really love me, they wouldn't lie to me." But if they have become truly addicted to alcohol, their brain chemistry may have changed to the point that they are completely surprised by some of the choices they make.

They may not be in control of their own decision making.

If your loved one is truly an alcoholic, they are going to drink no matter what you do or say. They have become dependent on alcohol, and nothing is going to get between them and their drug of choice.

When alcoholics promise they will never drink again, but a short time later are back to drinking as much as always, it is easy for family members to take the broken promises and lies personally.

By adjusting attitude toward the problem, some of us found that we can place it in a different perspective so that it no longer dominates our thoughts and our lives.

In some ways, knowing that you can change your approach and attitude is empowering.

It's usual to hear an alcoholic say, "The only reason I drink is because you..."Don't buy into it.

When addicts reach the point in their substance abuse when they get a DUI, lose their job, or get thrown in jail, it is a difficult concept for their loved ones to accept that the best thing they can do in the situation is to do nothing. Unfortunately, this causes the cycle to repeat...indefinitely.

You don't have to create a crisis, but learning detachment will help you allow a crisis—one that may be the only way to create change—happen.

Even though it is not your responsibility to "cure" your loved one's alcoholism, you may be interested in knowing some of the things that make drinkers want to stop, as well as some of the things which get in the way of an alcoholic getting sober. Yet, before looking into ways of staging an intervention, take a moment to read further about how to care for yourself—not only for yourself,\ but because it's often the only way a person with an addiction will get the help they need.

There is a joke in recovery circles about an alcoholic in denial who screams, "I don't have a problem, so don't tell anyone!

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" Alcoholics typically do not want anyone to know the level of their alcohol consumption because if someone found out the full extent of the problem, they might try to help.