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But it’s important to take out insurance as soon as you book your trip.

Then, if you have to cancel your journey because of illness or injury or the death of a relative, for example, you’ll be able to claim back the cost.

Three months after a blizzard paralyzed the Mid-Atlantic region with more than two feet of snow, the National Weather Service (NWS) announced it is adjusting the snowfall total upward for New York City and downward for Newark, New Jersey, due to measuring errors made during the storm.

The new total snowfall in New York of 27.5 inches at Central Park breaks the all-time record of 26.9 inches, set in 2010.

The observer measured total snow depth, which was consistent with the depth on the SMB, once the board was located."However, snow depth is a fundamentally different measurement than snowfall, and can result in lower amounts since over time — such as during the course of six hours — snow compacts, leading to lower measurements. The report is an unusual one for the NWS, which typically conducts service assessments after major weather events that are focused inward at how the agency performed, rather than on whether snowfall records were accurate.

(Such a service assessment on the blizzard is underway within the NWS.) However, because this storm was historic and many questions were raised about some of the totals, particularly in Washington, the agency produced the review.

The "snow team" from the NWS said they found the mistake when reviewing the weather logbook from the Conservancy.

The snow review team also invalidated the preliminary snowfall total at Newark International Airport of 28.1, finding that the staff at that facility measured snowfall hourly instead of the standard procedure of once every six hours. Meteorologists at the National Weather Service will follow a scientific method to determine the accurate total before it is sent to NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information for certification." The agency also validated a controversial snowfall total at Washington National Airport, where 17.8 inches was recorded despite much higher amounts being reported in nearby areas.

Pre-existing medical conditions: It’s crucial you inform your insurer of any pre-existing medical conditions or you risk invalidating your cover should you need to make a claim.When you obtain a quote at Money Super Market, you can click through and read these documents to help you make your choice.Here are some examples of exclusions to look out for: Cover in areas of political unrest: Most policies will not provide cover where there is civil unrest or the country is at war and the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) has advised against travel.It's also a good idea to check if you will be travelling to any malaria hotspots and seek antimalarial tablets from your GP where necessary. A visa for Vietnam, for example, which you will need in advance, will take at least seven days to process and could delay your trip if you don't sort your paperwork out before travelling. When it comes to your spending money, make sure you shop around for the best currency conversion rates and consider getting a pre-paid card which is a safer way to carry holiday spending money.To make sure you don't have to call your trip short in the event of your wallet or backpack being stolen, split your spending money over 2 or 3 cards and keep these in a hidden money belt on your person at all times.

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