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Nintendo of America president Minoru Arakawa managed a deal to bundle the popular third party game Tetris along with the Game Boy, and the pair launched as an instant success.

In 1989, Nintendo announced plans to release the successor to the Famicom, the Super Famicom.

In 1983, Nintendo launched the Family Computer (colloquialized as "Famicom") home video game console in Japan, alongside ports of its most popular arcade titles.

In 1985, a cosmetically reworked version of the system known outside Japan as the Nintendo Entertainment System or NES, launched in North America.

Its main rival was the 16-bit Mega Drive, known in North America as Genesis, which had been advertised aggressively against the nascent 8-bit NES.The practice of bundling the system along with select games helped to make Super Mario Bros. In 1988, Gunpei Yokoi and his team at Nintendo R&D1 conceived the new Game Boy handheld system, with the purpose of merging the two very successful ideas of the Game & Watch's portability along with the NES's cartridge interchangeability.Nintendo released the Game Boy in Japan on 21 April 1989, and in North America on 31 July 1989.In 1980, Nintendo launched Game & Watch—a handheld video game series developed by Yokoi.These systems do not contain interchangeable cartridges and thus the hardware was tied to the game.

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He found that the biggest playing card company in the world was using only a small office.